Laser Transparent Makeup Bag Female Portable Skin Care Storage Bag Waterproof Travel Travel Wash Bag

1、Leak-proof & Easy Cleaning
Waterproof and leak proof. It prevents your little bottles and water from messing up your whole luggage if they happen to leak, Let you travel without worry.
2、Sealed Seams
The seams around the zipper is reinforced to seal, prevent the bag splitting easily, to effectively reduce the liquids leak out the bag (the zipper is not waterproof)
3、Durable TPU Material
The material of TPU is better than that of PVC. and will not be affected by air to cause the bag to crack. It feels soft and can be used for a long time without worry."

1、Measure: Place false lash against your natural lash. Trim if needed

2、Prep: Apply the adhesive to lash band. Wait 30-60 seconds for adhesive to become slightly clear and tacky

3、Apply: Hold false lash along natural lash line, allowing adhesive to dry completely

1、Gently shake the eyeliner bottle before using, or it will look dry.Carefully draw eyeliner line on your eye upper lid(the line width is about 3mm , 2-3 layers will be the best), then wait it almost dry about 1 minute

2、Nip the magnetic eyelash with tweezer or fingers, and put the eyelashes magnet root to the drew eyeliner, then slowly fit the magnets band with the drew magnetic eyeliner together till they are perfectly

3、Gently adjust, till the eyelash can be perfectly applied(You can trim the length of eyelashes as you want)

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