How does novice small white play turn false eyelashes


Have you ever learned to wear false eyelashes?
Is there a feeling of hand disability + eye disability in the process of learning?
Have you had a hundred urges to kill this product?
Learning to apply false eyelashes is a course that every makeup artist must undergo.
I'm not going to talk about how many people there were in the process,
Because it's impossible to count!
So how to go from a novice to an expert on false eyelashes?

I believe this article can give you enough inspiration.

Common mistakes with false eyelashes

First:Not curl your own eyelashes 

There are a lot of friends, especially those with short eyelashes themselves, who think that they can not clip their eyelashes before putting on false eyelashes. The result will be that even if the false eyelashes are put at the right Angle, the real and false eyelashes will be completely separated, which will be very funny from the side.

Second:False eyelashes stick too high

Many friends in new learning to stick false eyelashes will appear after the false eyelashes are pasted will almost stick to the upper eyelid, mainly because the stem of the false eyelashes is not attached to the root of the true eyelashes, and some will directly stick the false eyelashes between the skin folds of the eyes.

Third:stick too low

If you find that your vision is blocked after applying false lashes, it's because you're applying them too low. You might want to blend the real lashes together to make it look more natural, but you're overdoing it.

So, how to use false eyelashes correctly? The next steps will make you an expert on false eyelashes.

Preparation tools: dysilk eyelashes, glue, tweezers

Step 1

Before applying false lashes, apply eye shadow and eyeliner

Step 2

Curl your eyelashes. Begin to press for many times on eyelash slowly upward from eyelash root, and not be clip a position only, such eyelash ability can bend the natural and lasting.

Step 3

The next step is to use the glue correctly.Apply glue to the base of your eyelashes,Hold for ten to thirty seconds.Attention:Don't wait for the glue to turn black,You may have to remove your eye makeup and start all over again.

Step 4

Use tweezers to help move the false lashes to the base of the true lashes.

You can first stick the position of the eyes as a fixed point, and then paste the left and right false eyelashes. The position can be slightly adjusted before the glue is dry.



A successful case of false eyelash paste is that the stalk of the eyelash must be firmly attached to the root of the true eyelash, and the true and false eyelashes are perfectly integrated, which does not hinder the line of sight or prevent the eyelids from blinking normally.


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