Makeup for Downturned Eyes

When you dress according to your body shape, it is correct to apply eye makeup only according to your eye shape. There are various eye shapes from round and almond shapes to masked and monocular shapes. And each eye shape has the best makeup technique for you.


if yours are downturned, Let’s continue to introduce how to highlight your eye shape through makeup!

Eyeliner Steps for Downturned Eyes

The right eyeliner application can make your eyes open and make them look more beautiful. Try flicking and spinning, as this can make it look firmer. This is a simple wing-shaped liner with the wings facing down step by step. If you want to know how to make the perfect winged eyeliner with tape, this is it!


First, use some scotch tape and place it on the outer corner of the eye at an angle of about 45 degrees. And don't be afraid to go too high. The higher the angle, the better the result.

Using a liquid liner, start drawing on the inner corner of the eye. Starting from a thin line, you can create a thin line later as needed. Use tape as a guide until it aligns with the end of the eyebrows. The makeup of the wing-shaped eyeliner looks ideal from bottom to top, but moves toward the end of the eyelid to a thicker line, and then gradually becomes sharper, pointing towards the wing tip.

Finally, you can choose to connect the pencil to the winged liner, with the pencil serif at the outer end of the waterline.

Double Winged Eyeliner Makeup for Downturned Eyes

For an extra boost, try using double-winged eyeliner. Just start adding a line parallel to the wing at the waterline to make your eyes makeup completely different. You can use eyeliner to create sharp wings or eye shadow for a smoky look.

Apart from the classic wing and double wing eyeliner, there are plenty of looks to try if you have downturned eyes.

Kitten eye – The kitten eye is a subtler version of the cat eye liner with a shorter flick. This small winged eyeliner is a great option for when you want that lift but not in a glam and prominent way. You could also get away with a kitten eye at the workplace.


Fish eyeliner – Resembling the tail of a fish, this eyeliner design is suitable for anyone with downturned eyes. This look consists of two flicks, one at the upper lid and one at the bottom. Make sure that the lower part of the fish tail is shorter than the one above it for a flattering look.


Arabic eyeliner – The Arabic liner is a classic cat eye with a twist. Unlike other eyeliner styles, the eyeliner dips at the inner corners and outlines the entire eye. It's the perfect eyeliner look when it comes to makeup for downturned eyes! It's also a great look for weddings or night outs.


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