Promoter with prizes!

With the development of dysilk, more and more people like our eyelashes. Thanks for your love!

At the same time, we also solicit photos of wearing from the general public.

If you want to participate in this photo election, please leave a message under the article, or DM me through Instagram.

These are photos taken by fans of DYSILK.

dysilk face photo

@Kaykaymua   (Face Close-up Photo)

dysilk holding lashes

@kinziestanphill   (Photo of handheld product.)

after wearing the lashes

@makeupwithfaye (Comparison of eyelashes before and after wearing)

eye close up photo

maha.swatches  (Eye Close-up Photo)

eye close up photo lashes

(Wearing Photo)

dysilk lashes photo

@haley_stutzman (Upper body photo)

dysilk natural lashes

@shesxmarlene (Upper body photo)


Waiting for your news!

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