skin cleaner

The correct steps for skin cleaning are as follows:
1, first with warm water to wet the face: wash the face with the water temperature is very important, moderate water temperature can ensure pores fully open, and will not make the skin's natural moisturizing oil lost too much.

2, the correct use of cleansing milk: each cleansing milk need not too much weight, the area can have the size of a coin.
Before the foaming cleanser is daubed to the face, the cleanser should be fully foamed in the palm of the hand first, so that it can have the effect of deep cleaning.
3, circular massage 15 times: the foam on the face, gently massage in circles, do not be too hard, so as not to produce wrinkles.
Massage about 15 times and let the foam spread over your face.
4. Clean the cleanser: after massage with the cleanser, you can clean it.
Gently press with a wet towel on your face several times until the cleanser foam is clean.
5, check the hairline: after cleaning, look in the mirror to check whether there is residual cleanser around the hairline.
This step is an important part of preventing acne.
6, with cold water washing 10 times: Finally, with both hands holding cold water washing face about 10 times, while gently holding the face with a hand dipped in cold water.
This will tighten the pores and improve blood circulation to the face.

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