Why use eyelash?

There are actually many reasons why we use false eyelashes. In fact, it is not only that false eyelashes will look better after wearing them, but more importantly, they reflect our women's pursuit of beauty and personality.

Firstly,Instant Transformation

Nothing shakes up a boring old makeup routine like falsies. False eyelashes can instantly transform a look. They can even take a casual nude lip and eye and move it into a glam new territory.

They are an excellent option if you’re seeking just a bit of ‘oomph.’ You can get a strip that will slightly enhance your lashes for a natural but boosted look. Falsies can give your look the moxie you’ve been waiting for.

Easy to use

Getting the hang of putting on lashes takes some practice, but like riding a bike, once you’ve got it, you never forget. False eyelash application.


Before the ’70s, eyelashes were the domain of the well-to-do. With the invention of Nestolashes, this changed. Karl Nessler, the inventor, opened the gates for falsies to become widely available. The introduction of these lashes into the beauty market allowed lashes to be popularized by the masses.

For the first time, everyday people could have a look that they’d always envied without blowing their bank. Lashes come in multiple styles and materials. There’s something for every price point and beauty need.

Until I discovered the eyelashes of the dysilk family, the first impression of their eyelashes is that the packaging is exquisite but the price is very suitable, I bought one, 20 pairs of eyelashes only need 14.99, and one eyelash can be used multiple times, recommended!

false eyelashes

Falsies Emphasize the Eyes

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but those with luscious lashes may have eyes that look bolder and brighter. Lengthy lashes often make the eyes more pronounced. Behavioral scientists note that humans love things with big, beautiful eyes.

It may be a layover from our evolutionary past. We often associate big eyes with confidence and beauty. Wider eyes may be an adaptation that allows us to see better and farther. Whatever the reason, lashes have certainly informed how we define aesthetics.

It’s a leap to look better. When you learn to use eyelashes and find that it can show your charm, you will become more proficient in this and enjoy life.

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