5 makeup tips that always work

Use neutral shadows to highlight your eyes

Natural colors - warm colors for dark eyes, cool colors for light eyes - never fail. There is no need to do a whole contour trade. But you know, a pale, shining shadow will add luster to fatigue in the eye, eyelid crease in a shadow, just in the above, can erase any fleshy, make the eyes appear larger, and the deepest brown and sand cole is a kind of paint mist, used to make your gel eyeliner soft or make eyelid soft.

Make your eyes before applying makeup

Don't worry about "dirty" foundation, blush or concealer on the cheek or eye smear. Redo it. Start with a primer or eye shadow on your eyelids to keep your eye makeup fresh and smooth and even.

Brown or black gel pencil eyeliner will energize your eyes

These waterproof eyeliner has more pigment than a regular Cole pencil, is less messy than a pencil brushed on gel, and is more flattering than a rough liquid or marker. These waterproof eyeliner recreates a firmer, clearer eye. Put your elbows on the table and keep your hands steady. Look in the mirror, lift your chin and draw a little movement back and forth along the bottom of your upper eyelid. Starting from the outermost eye, move toward the lacrimal passage, tapering off about three-quarters of the way in. Close to the base of the eyelashes to completely fill in the gaps. The dense pigment (not the thickness of the lines) is responsible for the strong boundary. Strengthen the shape of the eye by "lining" the waterline under the upper eyelashes. Gently press the brow bone to reveal the edges and the underside of the line. When lining under the eyelids, use a light touch, or for more drama (especially deep-set or masked eyes), use the waterline at the lower edge of the eyelid instead.

Spend more on curlers and less on black mascara

Premium curlers like those from Kevyn Aucoin, Shiseido or Bobbi Brown don't pinch, curl or break thin, dry lashes, and can last for years. It's all shapes, hinges and pads. Close the curler close to the base of your eyelashes, slowly, and hold for 30 seconds. Like the pros, use a simple, low-cost black mascara that doesn't cost much, as you'll need to replace it every three months. Slowly roll the mascara wand from the curly roots to the top in a zigzag motion so that the heaviest concentration of the product is at the bottom, which thickens the lashes.

Pursue glossiness and brightness, not coverage

Facial makeup restores luster and provides a healthy appearance. Go for a warm color or more gold, rather than a perfect match to offset the yellow, mushy, grayish skin, and neutralize the red or rosacea. Next, select a base with the word "glow" in the product name to ensure that the light-reflecting technology makes your skin glow like an incandescent light bulb, like swallowing a light bulb. Finally, choose a dewdrop and pure, but highly colored growing base, and overcome something without makeup. Good skin is your greatest beauty asset. What about matte, powder, hd, full-coverage or long-lasting facial products? Forget them forever.

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