What are they made of?

Before we start learning about individual brushes, let us first discuss what a brush is made of. You can use synthetic brushes or natural brushes. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and some people find that they definitely have a preference for using them.

Synthetic brushes-derived from man-made materials, usually nylon or polyester, should have more streak-free finishes than natural materials. The bristles are very soft in most cases and are very suitable for cream products, such as foundation, cream blush/eye shadow, because they do not stick to the product. This means that this is also very cost-effective, because you will not waste cosmetics. They tend to reduce shedding, are very affordable, and are also very suitable for allergy sufferers. These brushes can also be said to be cruelless.

NATURAL BRUSHES—are made out of animal hair,In most cases it is sable, goat or squirrel. They tend to shed more hair, but because this is a natural fiber, the hair has a cuticle that allows them to absorb powdered products and deposit them beautifully on the skin. They blend very well and are very soft. Generally, you will find that these brushes can be very expensive.

Type of brush

There are many brushes that can do many things, but I think the most important ones are:

Basic Brush-This brush will help create a flawless-looking foundation and make the application really fast and convenient. Normally, foundation brushes are flat, but you can get some brush heads with large brush heads and tightly integrated bristles.

Powder Brush-Large, fluffy brush, very soft and can spread a small amount of powder on the face.

BLUSH BRUSH-smaller powder brush. This brush is very large in size and can deposit a small amount of powder or cream blush on the apples of the cheeks. I also use a blush brush for the bronzer.

Contour brushes-I don't actually own contour brushes, but I know they have become so popular. This is an angled brush that allows you to get a truly defined look to create stunning inspection bones. Many women also use this brush to apply bronzer.

Eyeshadow Brush-There are too many different eye shadow brushes and sets on the market. For me, I use 4 brushes every day when I make up. The large fluffy eyeshadow brush is perfect for quickly washing off the color on the entire eye. In order to obtain a more precise appearance and coloring, a smaller and flatter brush can be used to apply more accurately, and the color can be "packaged" on the lid without losing a lot of product. At the crease, you will need a smaller dome-shaped brush that allows you to directly enter the crease of the eyelid and apply the eye shadow precisely where you want it. Last but not least is the mixing brush. Until a few years ago, I had never used a blending brush, it completely changed my eyeshadow treatment. Not only can it make the lines soft and seamlessly blend the colors together, but it also allows you to eliminate errors or rough lines really quickly without having to make a fuss.

EYE LINER BRUSH—If you want to use eyeshadow as eyeliner or gel eyeliner, you must do so. There are two or linear brushes-angled brushes and very thin tip brushes. An angled brush is very useful when you want to have winged eyeliner makeup and also want to apply eye shadow as a liquid eyeliner in the eyelash line. When using gel pads, a thin tip pad brush is essential. They make application very easy and allow you to add a small amount at a time and create a look, instead of having to make corrections for a large number of applications-it is difficult for liners to do this!

LIP BRUSH—For a truly precise look, many women like to use a lip brush to get a truly precise line on their lips. When you buy lipstick in the palette, it will be a must for the application.


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In order to keep the brush in good condition and prevent the spread of bacteria, make sure to clean the brush regularly. You can buy makeup brush sprays for cosmetic retailers, but usually I put the brush under the faucet or put it in a bowl of warm water, then I take some antibacterial hand sanitizer and gently scrub the bristles until the water is clean. Then, I patted it dry on kitchen paper, and then laid it flat. But it should be noted that only use the tip of the brush, and do not slide it directly to the place where the bristles are bound, because water may be trapped and bacteria will grow, so please touch the handle.

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