Correct steps for hair care

Soft and beautiful hair is a lot of people want to have, I'm afraid who also do not want his hair dry without light.
How does reasonable protect hair ability more healthy?
Whole body health is closely related to the growth of hair, a healthy constitution is the premise of healthy hair, active physical exercise, improve physical fitness, reasonable rest can make beautiful hair often in.

In the meantime, pay attention to add enough moisture and nutrient even at ordinary times, be beneficial to hair growth.
Choose the right shampoo.
According to dermatologists, 80 percent of people wash their hair incorrectly, and the wrong shampoo accounts for a large part of that.
Everyone has different hair types. Some people have dry hair and some have greasy hair. Different types of hair have different requirements for shampoos.
The proper way to wash your hair.
There are two points to pay attention to the correct shampoo method. One is that the shampoo should not be directly applied to the head, which may cause problems such as shampoo is not easy to clean and excessive erosion of the skin. The correct method is to place the shampoo in the palm and apply it on the head after rubbing evenly.
Second, the correct shampoo method is to fully massage the scalp, neither excessive force, nor too simple, so as to fully clean the scalp, so that the role of shampoo to play the most ideal.
Blow-dry your hair.
After washing your head, use a low power hair dryer to dry it quickly. When you blow your hair, leave it a little further away and blow it to 80% dry.
Good eating and sleeping habits.
This requires us to regulate our work and rest time, so that metabolism will be smooth, hair natural water bright, in addition, we also need to supplement water in time, which also helps hair care.

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