How to control skin to give oil

As summer comes, will your skin gradually increase in temperature and increase oil production in these areas of the cheek and T-zone?

Today I'm going to share with you 8 good habits for successful oil control. If you're still struggling with your oil control problem, take a look at them!

The heavily oily areas should be focused on cleaning. There are many oil glands in the T zone, and the oil secretion is super vigorous.

not forget to replenish the water after using the oil-absorbing surface paper. The oil-absorbing surface paper is really easy to use and can let the oil shine disappear in an instant.

Little do you know, the oil is controlled, your skin moisture but also less and less.

In midsummer, apply the self-made moisturizing mask 1-2 times a week, so that the moisturizing factor can penetrate into the bottom of the skin, which can fully moisturize the skin.

Before using oil control moisturizing skin care products, first use some makeup lotion, it can effectively detoxify the skin, so that the skin can breathe more smoothly.

Wash your face without special massage, wash your face should not be too many times, 2-3 times a day is appropriate, without special massage cheeks, so that will only make your cheeks become drier.

Exfoliate pores, choose the right exfoliate products, not only can promote aging skin skin, but also keep skin fresh and comfortable, can easily bid farewell to oil.

Astringent pores are also necessary in summer to inhibit oil secretion and control oil.

Use a special sponge to help clean your face, which is a small detail that can not be ignored to make greasy skin refreshing. Rub the facial cleanser in the palm to get the foam, and then use a sponge to increase the foam.

And the delicate place such as nose wing and eye is wrapped with towel on the finger, dip in take foam to wipe gently can.

carry lotion, walking on the road will inevitably sweat, this time, do not think that take out a piece of tissue to wipe off the sweat is done.

You should always carry a bottle of lotion with you and dab a little on your face when you need it.

Shower in the morning is great throughout the day, and if you're sweating every day, it's best to get into the habit of showering in the morning.

The water can be warm enough to allow the sweat to flow out of your body. Even if you just take a shower, it will freshen you up for the rest of the day.Additional, after taking a bath, do not forget to use astringent make up water.

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