Dramatic eye makeup is the way to wear a mask this summer

Undeniably, the most popular accessory in summer is the facial mask. Like it or not, your mouth and nose can be covered during the hottest months of summer, which means you could be making some major changes to your beauty routine.

Try out the colors

Even if you wear a mask that looks sterile, it doesn't mean your make-up must be safe or dull. Bright colors are the perfect way to highlight your eyes. "Everyone's wearing masks, and the point is on the eyes," says Kirsten Sylvester, a makeup artist in New York. "There will be some very bright eye makeup this summer. Beautiful neon, with some very bold combinations. "
If you want to stick to your usual approach, you can switch from neutral to shiny or summer colors like lime, blue and coral. Sylvester added: "for those who choose a classic look like smoky or cat's eye, they can also use color to create both."

Don't ignore your face

This summer, your focus may be on eye beauty, but don't give up on other skin care routines. In summer, skin sweats and oil easily. If you put on the mask again - trapped dust, dirt, oil and cosmetics - there will be a perfect storm, which will trigger "Mask", that is, acne and facial mask stimulation.
One of the best things you can do this summer is to focus on skin care, Donne said. She explained: "facial mask irritation can lead to acne - mask will leave dirt and grease in pores - so it's very important to regularly exfoliate and moisturize products at night." If possible, skip the foundation and let the skin breathe. For anyone going out fast, a colored moisturizer is a good choice: "it's light enough to protect skin from sun exposure," Dorn suggests.

Use some applique cosmetics

For some people, thick eyelashes and bold Eyeshadow are not effective at all. So another way to add a whimsical touch to your look is to use decals, including rhinestones and flash embellishments. "For those who are really adventurous, there are always decals on the cosmetics," Silvestre said "They can be used on the face, eyes or eyebrows."



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