Easy eyeshadow tutorial for beginners

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There is no doubt that makeup is fun. However, if you are new to makeup, learning how to get started can be a little scary. Specifically, eye shadow can cause a lot of frustration, especially when you start trying to combine multiple shades and brushes into a blend. However, with proper makeup tutorials for beginners, you don't have to avoid shadows now. Fortunately, we have the perfect one! Try this extremely simple eyeshadow tutorial to help ease your makeup difficulties and learn how to apply eye makeup as you have used it for years.

When it comes to makeup for beginners, it's all about stocking up some basic knowledge before starting the eyeshadow tutorial. Grasp the necessity of these eye cosmetics and start working!

Eyeshadow primer: If you want to help ensure that your makeup is long-lasting, you need an eye makeup primer that locks everything in place.

Half the battle in managing to apply more than one shade of eye shadow is picking colors that work well together. Rather than struggling to find four complementary colors, stick with a palette that does the heavy lifting for you.

Shading brush: Shading brush is very suitable for picking colored products and applying shadows on larger areas.

Blending brushes: Who wants rough lines and edges? Wipe them with a soft tapered brush.

Pencil brush: The small end of the pencil brush is just right for placing shadows on very specific points.

Easy eyemakeup tutorial for beginners

Eye shadow can look like a work of art, but you don't have to be a skilled artist to manage great applications. Follow these simple steps to create impressive beginner eyes.

dysilk makeup tutorial


Step #1: Apply eye foundation cream

In order to help your shades not get smudged and wrinkled throughout the day, and at the same time increase their pigmentation, please start with the eyeshadow primer. We encourage you to color it up early. Apply a thin layer of primer on your eyelids and brow bone.

Step 2: Brush on your basis

Pick up your eyeshadow quad and apply the base color. This is usually the second lightest shade in the palette. Use a shading brush to apply light shades all over the lid.

Step #3: Light black outer and inner corners

Paint the pencil brush with the next color in the palette (the darker shade). Use a brush to place the colors on the inner and outer corners of the lid to create two "V" shapes. If it looks a bit messy, don't worry-we will merge as soon as possible!

Step #4: Define your cream

To enhance the shape of the eyes, add a small amount of the same dark shadow to the crease.

Step #5: Blend, blend, blend

Mixing can help solve all your eye shadow problems. Take a blending brush and blur the edge between the two eyeshadows you have used so far. Since the palette contains colors that can be used together, they should blend together seamlessly. Use a brush to perform a "wiper" movement to easily smooth any rough lines. 

Step 6: Highlight the center

Wipe off the shadow brush and pack it with the third shadow in the palette (the brightest shadow, which is the highlighted shadow). Place the color exactly in the center of the lid where the light is naturally lit.

Step #7: Use eyeshadow as a liner

You have reached the final color. This should be your darkest shade and is perfect for use as a temporary eyeliner. Dip the pencil brush into the color and apply the shadow along the lash line.

dysilk eyeshadow makeup tutorial


 Go & choose!

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