Applying Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

hooked eye makeup


First, let's learn more about hooded eyes, why they are different and why some different makeup techniques are needed to make them pop.

Hooded eyes and makeup are somewhat different and unique because of the slight difference in the shape of eyes. Hooded eyes have an extra layer of thick skin on the wrinkles of the eyes, making the eyelids appear smaller. Now, we need to adjust the makeup style according to this specific shape to make the lid wider, more prominent and brighter.


  1. Before applying any highlighter or shadow, always apply the foundation on the eyelids. The base will help you create an artificial crease line, if the eye wearing a headscarf cannot display the crease line normally. Then, you can obviously adjust the artificial crease a little higher than normal. In this way, you can deal with the masked situation.
  2. Be sure to use a darker shadow and a brighter highlighter to support the false transition, to support your artificial crease to stretch upwards and make your eyes widen.
  3. Be sure to create the depth of the transition and add some darker shadows on the artificial crease.


  1. Don't keep your eyebrows pressed down. Just make them shorter and natural.
  2. Do not highlight the entire brow bone, otherwise you will end up with eyes and the makeup looks unprofessional.
  3. Do not use hard artificial eyelids. They will eventually make your eyes smaller and closer.

Hooded Eyes Eyeliner Tips

  • Do not apply thick eyeliner on hooded eyes. This will make them look weird.
  • Do not stick eyeliner from the wing. Keep it as straight as natural eyelashes.
  • Never apply dark thick eyeliner on the lower lashes. Instead, apply a thin eyeliner on the outer half of the eyelashes. Don't go too far inward. Let your eyes open and widen.

hooked eye eyeliner makeup


Hooded eyeshadow tips

  • Apply some eyeshadow from the shore of the eye, and then apply it on the outer v of the eye to extend the color of the outer v and make the hooded smoky makeup look refreshed.
  • Apply some eye shadow on the outside of the eyelid. Do not apply eyeshadow on the inside of the eyelids to keep your eyes open. Otherwise, they will appear as smaller, stretched and closed shapes.
  • Apply some shimmering eyeshadow on the movable eyelid to make the manual crease different from the rest of the eyelid.

Hooded eyes and low eyebrow makeup

One of the important makeup techniques for head covering is to adjust the lower eyebrows to make them look like raised eyebrows to hide the covered eyes. There are some natural and unnatural ways to do this. However, raising and lowering eyebrows from hooded eye makeup techniques is an important goal. You can shave the lowered eyebrows in an unnatural way, then make some new marks, and fill them with a sharp pencil or brush tool to form new raised eyebrows.

You can take some measurements naturally and place some start and end markers on the low-curved eyebrows, and then pull out the rest of the bottom of the eyebrows. These are some strange but effective hooded eye makeup techniques that can raise eyebrows and open eyes.

hooked eye shadow makeup


To place the appropriate markers according to your face cut is to grab a pencil or brush. Align the pencil with the outer corner of the nose and the inner corner of the eyes, and then place the start marker of the brow.

In the second step, align the pencil along the outer corner of the nose with the iris of the eye and place an end marker to raise the eyebrows.

Now, this is your raised eyebrow. The remaining low eyebrows should be pulled out to some extent until it gives you a new eyebrow shape. This is a common clever technique in hooded eye makeup techniques, which can be used to design and make raised eyebrows during hooded eye makeup.

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