False Lashes Or Eyelash Extensions?

In daily life,will you choose False Lashes Or Eyelash Extensions?    

Let's see what most people do.

Lily has a question below:

I'm thinking about whether I want to extend my eyelashes before taking an engagement photo, and then I want to extend my eyelashes before getting married. I also heard that DYSILK's false eyelashes are also a good choice! What is your opinion?


A answerer: I wore false lashes on my wedding day and I loved it. It was quick, easy, and cheap. Cannot beat it.

B answerer: From the extremely small amount of research I have done, I don’t think you can use mascara for eyelash extensions, and I really don’t like this idea.

My plan is to put on independent false eyelashes so that I don’t have to worry about curling up the eyelashes or covering the eyelashes.

C answerer: I made false eyelashes for my electronic photos and weddings, and then extended them for my honeymoon. Of course, now I am addicted-I have to make up every three weeks.

I think if you only want to use one day, then use false eyelashes. These expansions cost more money and time (one hour or more). Maybe your MUA even includes false eyelashes in the fee, or you can buy it yourself and bring it with you.

D answerer: Falsies all the way. With the way I sleep, extensions would be smashed or torn out.

E answerer: I'm interested in the same. But, have heard that extensions can cause longterm problems. Has anyone had any experience with the after effect of lash extensions?

F answerer: Extensions can be nice but if you have sparse lashes to begin with, I find that it's hard to get that dramatic look.

Falsies - I swear no matter how high the quality, you can always see the strip, especially in photos where you have any romantic looking towards the ground photos

I actually use DYSILK that gave me longer and more luscious lashes naturally for the mascara to hang onto. As an asian, we have very sparse eyelashes and it really makes a difference.

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