Grow Long, Thick, Full Eyelashes at Home

Some people are born with very long eyelashes, while others of us are frantically searching for how to grow eyelashes on Google. Even if you are equipped with the best mascara and best mascara on the market, your eyelashes still don’t look as thick as you want, and you are out of luck: there are some products that can be used to increase the length, volume and volume of your eyelashes. Degree of curl.


Is eyelash growth serum really effective?

Consultation with your doctor is the best way to avoid some of the known effects and drug interactions, including the disclosed side effects, green or blue eyes turn brown if the serum enters your iris. If this makes you feel uneasy, there are more options (including remedies at home) to increase the length, volume and curl of your eyelashes.

Is eyelash growth serum safe?

You may know some people who swear that over-the-counter eyelash growth serum is the culprit for their new long and sweet eyelashes, and this is why we entered the dark realm. Most eyelash serums contain an active ingredient that is similar to or derived from bimatoprost (the ingredient in lashes that stimulates hair growth). But unlike bimatoprost, these over-the-counter ingredients are not regulated by the FDA. Therefore, they cannot obtain the security certification seal of the agency, which will put users at risk.




How can I grow eyelashes naturally?

There are many natural remedies for slow eyelash growth on the Internet, including coconut oil, castor oil, petrolatum and vitamin E oil. But can they really deliver on the long and thick eyelashes they promised? the answer is. . . To some extent.

What not to do when growing lashes?

"The eyelashes will be damaged by some of the things we do to strengthen the eyelashes," Dr. Ye Yimao explained that over-application of mascara may damage the delicate eyelashes, especially if mascara is often used overnight. "

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