5 interesting eyelash tips & hacks

1.Do not cut eyelashes to make eyelashes longer

According to an old myth, trimming your hair regularly will make your hair grow faster. Since eyelashes are also a strand of hair, a beauty blogger even encouraged people to trim eyelashes to help them grow.
Unfortunately, this is really a myth and not a fiction.
The length of your eyelashes depends on genes. They have a fixed cycle. Before they fall off, they will grow to a certain length.



2.Apply mascara before applying mascara

Just like you need a face primer to help your foundation look all day, you also need mascara to keep the mascara in place so that the eyelashes will look like they last for several hours.
Some brands have already introduced eyelash primers, but if you are not keen on buying more products, a trick shared by beauty fans is to use a clean mascara brush to apply translucent powder on the mascara before applying mascara.

3.Use mascara to remove eyeliner

Here is a simple secret from the experts: swing your wand as close to your lid as possible, create an illusion eyeliner, and make your eyelashes look fuller!
Eyeliner is too low? No problem: Another hacker said that you can slash the eyeliner like a mascara tube and use it to draw the eyes.



4.Apply a layer of mascara to prevent hair loss

We like waterproof mascara, but it is too difficult to remove-anyone who has used waterproof mascara will experience the pain of rubbing the eyes with a makeup remover, and in the process, the eyelashes will be pumped too much.
The good news is: you can make waterproof mascara work for you without pain!

5.Be sure to curl before applying mascara

Beauty addicts are divided on whether to roll up the mascara or apply the mascara first.
What the experts say: If you love your eyelashes, you must curl your eyelashes before applying mascara.
The reason is simple, your eyelash curler can stick to the mascara, and finally pull the eyelashes out. In addition, if you apply mascara first, the curling iron will become messy.

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