I wanna sleep with my false eyelashes!

I have a question: Can I sleep with my false eyelashes? Is it bad to my eyes?


I interviewed my friends and they answered like this.


Yes. It’s not good to wear false eyelashes to sleep. Sleep can let our body relax and regain energy. So, we should make effort to let our body relax maximize. You must remove your makeup to make your skin "breathe" freely. And Also, the false eyelashes may affect the close of your eyes and covered your eyelid. If you want to have a good sleep, you should take off your false eyelashes.

It will be harmful for your eyes and skin. The untimely make up cleansing will make the eyelash dust or glue drop into your eyes. The chemical contents will hurt the skin around your eyes. The skin will get crazing in a long term, become darken. The eyes skin is really very subtle and delicate, so the make up remover work is important everyday. The eye black contains aniline factor, it will be a potential damage to your body. The skin may get inflammation or swollen and pain. The eyelash will be easy to drop off after a long time, just as the dyed hair. Please do some good to your eyelash, you can apply some Vitamin D on your eyelash every evening before you fall asleep. We believe, the natural material will be better than the industrial products, right?


No, you can't sleep with your false eyelashes which will be bad for your eyes. The false eyelashes may come into your eyes by accident during your sleep which may hurt your eyes. Thus, you'd better take them off and then go to bed. And then you could have the sound sleep with no worry.


Mona,a big fan of DYSILK,says,it sounds weird that you have been sleeping with your false eyelashes. Because as you can see, those false eyelashes are made of chemicals, and they would be unhealthy with sticker, for your eyes would be irritated or scratched by those stuff. Anyway, you should immediately quit that habit and pay attention to your eye health and make proper use of your eyes.

So, remember to clean up your false eyelashes before you fall asleep~

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