Seven amazing tips for the best eyelashes in life

Mythical eyelashes: every woman on earth wants them, and we are willing to spend more time getting them. However, you don't have to rely on implants to get amazing eyelashes, rather than when you already need more volume, length and curl in the bathroom. Here are 7 great techniques to get the best eyelashes.


1.use eye shadow paste to increase fullness.

So far, you may have heard that it is a good way to increase the volume of the baby's talcum powder on the two eyelashes between the two mascara. The problem is that even the darkest formula, the white powder on the black mascara can be displayed, which makes you look like you first pour your eyelashes into a powder doughnut.

Bonus tip: Try layering a shimmery shade between coats to show the world your commitment to Sparkle Motion.

2.Mix your colors.

Regardless of your color, eyelashes are not a solid color from the root to the tip - there is a shading gradient. Therefore, if you want a natural look on your eyelashes, an all black thick black coating is not your best choice.

 Bonus tip: If you’re feeling bold, use a bright blue or green mascara overtop the black. This wll give you a gorgeous, subtly bright gradient.


3.Heat your curler.

Instead of using a hair dryer to heat the entire eyelash clip, just put the curled part in a cup of hot water for about 5 seconds, dry it, and then curl the eyelashes. Water means that the metal is heated much more evenly, and you won't accidentally scald your fingers with a dryer.

4.Prime before curling.

One of the basic principles of beauty is to never curl your eyelashes after applying mascara, unless you want all eyelashes to disperse. But it's quite another thing to apply eyelash base before curling. Primer is not as fragile as mascara, so it will not stick to the eyelash pad, nor will it break or pull the hair. In addition, it has a little extra force to ensure that your lovely eyelashes keep curling throughout the day.

5.Layer your formulas.

We like waterproof mascara, but it is difficult to remove. We scrubbed under our eyes and pulled more eyelashes. We couldn't count and tried to take it off. To make the mascara easier to remove while maintaining its durability, apply another layer of waterproof mascara to your regular formula. Look, the best of the two worlds.



6.Add eye makeup remover to resurrect dry mascara.

If your mascara has not had time to dry up, you can put two to three drops of an alcohol-based eye makeup remover on the mascara to rejuvenate the mascara. It will re-liquefy the solution.

7.Clean your spoolie with contact lens solution.

We know that thick eyelashes are very popular now, but you look like spider legs. This may be caused by the dried mascara on your brush. Instead of buying a brand new mascara, use a paper towel soaked in a contact lens solution to clean your mascara.

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