What are the best false eyelashes for daily wear?

Beauty has entered the future. There are a series of accessories that cater to various appearances. One of the most commonly used products on the market is false eyelashes. False eyelashes can make the eyes pop out and change the monotonous appearance.
They can be bought in a variety of places, including stores, boutiques and online. Their availability can make switching look simple and fun. People can wear fake shoes on various occasions, such as going out at night or special events. However, many fans seem to wear it every day.




The correct lashes

If you are thinking about wearing it for a long time, you should consider not only comfort but also safety. Our natural eyelashes are easy to fall off and break, so it is best to choose eyelashes that are lightweight and do not cause too much pressure.
Excessive tension in the eyelash line may cause traction alopecia. Traction alopecia is hair loss that occurs over time. Although it may not appear immediately, it may damage the hair follicles. Damaged hair follicles can cause sparse eyelashes, so maintaining natural eyelashes is essential.




1.Velour Lashes – Sephora

The feel of these silks gives the wearer a slender, sultry appearance. Eyelashes are light and natural, creating a slender and plump effect. Although you may not get a dramatic finish, these eyelashes can accentuate the eyes and take you from day to night in an instant. We like that these eyelashes do not have heavy straps. However, each box is $18-but we feel this is a good investment.

2.Eyelure Accents #3

We like the light look and texture of these eyelashes. We also like its subtle, natural way into the lash line. This eyelash is very suitable for adding a little charm to the natural eyelashes. Although it does not exceed the top, it adds length and a little volume. This whip is only $5 per box and it is worth a try.


Lashes is Hand-made and made of ultra-light synthetic fibers, sturdy and durable.Upgrade eyelash design ceaselessly, let the person that every loves the eyelashes can find the design that he likes.



Three of our best-selling natural-look lashes, all in one place. Our All Natural, Baby bundle features our winged Luxe, wispy Love and perfectly round Livin' lashes—ideal for switching up your style while keeping the subtle effect you adore. Plus, they're made from real mink so they feel as natural as they look.


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