Tips for wearing false eyelashes

False eyelashes are a daunting thing in the beautiful world. They give you a super-strong appearance and look difficult to put on and take off. However, if you are interested in the idea of false eyelashes, you can consider giving it a try. Don't fool yourself by trying it! Applying them may seem strange, but they will increase your appearance tenfold. In addition, anyone can take them off-as long as you follow these crucial tips of wearing false eyelashes.

DYSILK will guide us to wear false eyelashes in the correct way.

Even seniors with false eyelashes should check these. It may be that you have been applying eyelashes incorrectly! Or, you may find yourself doing everything right and feel incredible about yourself.There is no failure here,haha!

1.Cut off your eyelashes

In order to make your eyelashes look natural, you must ensure that they are of the right length. Usually, eyelashes are a bit longer than normal eyelashes, so you need to cut them to a certain size.

cut the lashes


Do not cut inside

When cutting eyelashes, do not cut the inner corners of the eyelashes. Always cut from the outer end.

2.Prepare your actual eyelashes

Apply mascara to your eyelashes before applying mascara.

Before the false eyelashes continue, you must give some TLC to the real eyelashes! Prepare mascara and any other eyelash products you use as usual.

Do not apply too much glue on the eyelashes

You just want to apply a thin layer of glue on the entire lash line-you can add a little more to the corners, but don't apply a little glue on the entire lash line. If you do, the glue will be smeared and visible on the eyelids. That's not so cute.

glue on dysilk lashes


3.Wait for the glue to dry

Wait for the glue on the false eyelashes to dry.

After applying glue, do not lash your eyelashes right away! Wait for the glue to become sticky, but not so long that the glue is no longer sticky. It should be about 30 seconds. Try to bend the eyelashes to make application easier.

wear the lashes


Do not put the eyelashes down

When applying eyelashes, do not put them straight or close to the eyelids from above. Always lift up, raise your head, and open your eyes so you can see what you are doing!

4.Place your eyelashes correctly above your lash line,Apply false eyelashes correctly.

For this last step, you need to find a delicate balance. Although you don't want skin streaks between real and false eyelashes, you also don't want to put false eyelashes on your real eyelashes. The key is right above your real eyelash line!

To fuse two eyelashes, press them together and gently push up with your fingers to make the false eyelashes look as real as possible.

dysilk false eyelashes


You have it! Some basic do and do not do to wear false eyelashes like a professional. What do you think of these techniques? Are you confident enough that you can now try to fake it yourself?

Share any of your own false eyelash wearing tips in the comment section below!

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