Did you choose the right eyelashes?

There are many types of false eyelashes, and the quality is uneven. Be sure to choose the one that is suitable for you to wear and comfortable.

False eyelash hair

There are two types of false eyelashes, natural hair and artificial fibers. Most false eyelashes are made of man-made fibers, which are cost-effective and can be reused. The fiber hair ends are sharpened, which can basically reach the point of being fake.

False eyelash terrier

The stalk of the eyelashes determines whether it is comfortable to wear, and the material must be soft and not allergic. The hair of the false eyelashes is knotted on a stem at the root. This stem is generally divided into three materials: transparent stem, cotton stem, and plastic stem.

Transparent stem: Most of the false eyelashes on the market are transparent stems. These materials are similar to fish line. They have good stealth, softness, and good support. They are suitable for most people.

Cotton stem: Cotton stalks are soft and comfortable, but they are easily deformed. They are basically scrapped after one use and are difficult for novices to master.

Plastic stem: Plastic stalks are the blackest and hardest of the three materials and have the lowest comfort. But this kind of material is most suitable for girls with more eyelid fat, who need to rely on false eyelashes to stretch out their double eyelids.

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