Do 5 steps to get rid of oil on your face


Those natural oils can protect and protect the skin, which means that people with natural radiance usually do not experience wrinkles. However, too much oil can cause clogged pores and acne. So how do we get rid of oily skin.


  1. Thoroughly clean

It is recommended to choose a cleansing product that suits you. When washing your face every day, focus on cleaning your forehead, both sides of your nose, and chin, lather up the product and gently massage it onto your face.

  1. Moisturizing

After washing your face, the skin of the face is in a state where moisture has evaporated and is unprotected. Because your skin can't produce its own moisture, it responds to the dryness by making more oil.Choose light-weight hydrating and oil-free moisturizing products to apply and protect your face.

  1. Clear the keratin of the face

Daily cleaning can only get rid of the dead cells floating on the surface of the skin, so it is necessary to regularly clean the face once a week. You can use a facial scrub and gently massage the face to regularly remove excess oil and grease on the surface of the epidermis and aging keratinocytes, the skin will become clean and shiny.

  1. Use a mask

Apply a sulfur mask a few times a week, Not only does sulfur draw impurities out of the skin, it’s also anti-inflammatory, If skin feels tight post-mask, apply your go-to moisturizer to avoid rebound oil production.

  1. Live regularly

To thoroughly and effectively control the amount of oil on the face, the most fundamental way is to live a regular life and a reasonable diet, eat less spicy, sweet, and high-fat foods to effectively avoid the risk of acne. Increase the frequency of exercise, and don't stay up late.



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