Do you know these precautions for eyelash extension?

The secret to lasting eyelash extensions: three points depend on glue, three points depend on technique, and fourth points depend on maintenance. The correct maintenance method can keep your eyelashes longer.



 After eyelash grafting

Avoid water on eyelashes within 6-8 hours. When washing your face, use a cotton pad to clean it in circular motions to avoid eyelashes.

Avoid contact with water vapor within 48 hours, and do not perform activities that are prone to sweating such as sauna, yoga, swimming, and fitness.

Remove makeup

Avoid using oily makeup, makeup remover, skin care products, etc., which will speed up the fall of false eyelashes. If you use oily makeup remover or skin care products, please avoid the eyelash area. Use makeup remover with non-snagging makeup remover to remove makeup. When drying, use a towel to gently press, do not rub it at will.  

①When washing your face, rub the facial milk from top to bottom and from the inside to the outside with your hands, and then rinse your hands with water. With your eyes closed, use your index finger and middle finger to wipe off excess water droplets from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye, and then use a towel or Use a paper towel to lightly press the water on the eyelashes to dry it before opening your eyes.  

②If you draw eyeliner or eye makeup after grafting, please use a professional eye cleaning cotton pad to thoroughly clean the roots of the eyelashes to prevent residual makeup and secretions from the roots of the eyelashes, causing itchy and sensitive eye skin.



Make up

Avoid using waterproof cosmetics, without using mascara and eyelash curlers.

Try not to make eye makeup too close to the eyelashes. Please bounce off the remaining powder before applying eye shadow to avoid falling on the false eyelashes.  

When wiping the eye cream, massage until the product is absorbed and then close your eyes.

When applying the mask, please try to avoid your eyes.




Care of eyelashes

Do not pull or rub the eyelashes at will. This will damage the grafted eyelashes and your own eyelashes. I usually want to keep my eyelashes as beautiful and tidy as they were just grafted. You can develop the habit of combing your eyelashes with a small comb.

Attention to details: If the false eyelashes fall off and fall into the eyes, you can drop eye drops and rub the eyelids gently, turn the eyelashes to the end of the eye or use a cotton swab to gently remove it. You can also drop the eye drops afterwards to eliminate inflammation.

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