The importance of sunshine protection

Why sunscreen?Does sunscreen need to have skin problems?On the one hand, skin problems, whether or not they exist, are more difficult to solve because of the effects of ultraviolet light.UV light, for example, may cause irritated acne to produce more oil, making it difficult to recover.Second, when the skin receives excessive exposure to ultraviolet light, it will damage the epidermal cells.Activate tyramine enzyme, accelerate pigment synthesis, destroy skin's moisturizing function, make skin become dry, make the elastic fiber in the dermis damaged, cause fine lines, under the strong irradiation, also cause skin inflammation and burn.Because this does good bask in is the important step in maintaining the skin.

Ways of sun protection?

Sweating or wiping off a towel can reduce your SPF. Reapplying is not about getting new protection, it's about maintaining your SPF.Any maintain taste, even just water, wants to be covered only by bask in the function that can affect bask in only on bask in, because this swims or perspiration hind must fill besmear bask in.

Do not go out at noon

In the summer every morning L0:00 to 14:00 in the afternoon of sun's ultraviolet radiation intensity is maximum, or should avoid or reduce going out.

Apply sunscreen

The protection of sunscreen depends not only on the level of sunscreen composition and coefficient, but also on the thickness and uniformity of the wipe.

Wear light-colored clothes

The color of the clothes also has an effect that can not be ignored to be opposite with bask in.

According to research, dark clothing absorbs more heat than light clothing.

Sunblock is very important to the skin, know the effective sunblock method, do sunblock small master in summer, protect delicate skin.

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